Symantec to Acquire Blue Coat

Symantec to Acquire Blue Coat

The security company Symantec is all set to acquire Blue Coat, a security provider, in a deal that is worth more than $4.5 billion. This deal will create an even broader portfolio More »

Business News – Gawker’s Founder Seeks to Regain Control of the Company

Business News – Gawker’s Founder Seeks to Regain Control of the Company

The bankruptcy proceedings of Gawker Media are all over the news these days, and these proceedings will result in the company’s founder Nick Denton giving up all control over the company’s websites. More »

The Importance of Reverse Mortgages is Understated

The Importance of Reverse Mortgages is Understated

There are many stories about people who reach retirement age in great financial shape. Not only do they have an investment account that has been accruing wealth, but they manage to pay More »


5 Must-Have Accessories for Your New Jeep


You’ve got a new Jeep, and you are ready to enjoy it. Whether you’re planning to take her off-road, load up your tailgating gear, or head to the beach, you’ll want to have the right accessories. We’ve rounded up the top five must-have jeep accessories for you.

Waterproof Radio & Speakers

One of the best Jeep ownership experiences is enjoying fresh air and freedom while you drive around. Take the top off or open up the windows and feel the Jeep experience. Watch out, however, because Mother Nature may choose to rain on your parade, literally. Investing in a waterproof or marine radio deck and speakers will help keep you from ruining yours the next time a freak rain shower catches you by surprise.

A Bikini Top

A bikini top for your Jeep is the ultimate summer accessory. Sometimes referred to as a sun top or summer top, this style lets you customize your Jeep and enjoy the warmer weather without being directly in the sun the whole time. They’re also faster to put on, making them a great option if you get caught out in the rain without your top. You can also look into an emergency top if you just want quick cover when something happens and are looking for a cheaper option.

Decorative Accents

Customizing your vehicle as a form of self-expression is becoming a major focus for consumers according to research discussed in this Huffington Post article. Make your new Jeep represent who you are by adding decorative accents and accessories. There are so many ways to personalize your ride, including air fresheners, steering wheel covers, license plates, and stickers. Take your pick and make your Jeep really stand out.

Storage Solutions

Storage is another important consideration for your new Jeep. Think about getting a locking storage box for the back cargo area. Having a lockbox will give you a secure place to keep anything valuable you might want to leave inside. If having somewhere to lock up valuables isn’t as important to you, then think about getting a storage organizer that fits in the back. Various styles are available, and it’ll give you an easy way to organize and get to the items you need.

Mobile Mounts

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or GPS navigation system to help you get around, you’ll want a safe way to use it while on the road. According to a report from NBC News, nearly a quarter of the car accidents in the United States involve cell phones. Having your phone mounted and hands-free helps reduce the risk of using it for Navigation or calls. Plus, it will keep the device out of your hands so you aren’t tempted to text or do something else with it that will distract you from the road.