About PCI

Who We Are

Publications & Communications, Inc. (PCI) is a business-to-business and consumer publishing and marketing company based in the Austin, Texas area. The company, founded in 1980, is a recognized leader in the field of vendor-specific magazine publishing for the computer industry. The company’s first title, Burroughs World (now Unisys), helped create a new genre of technical and news magazines for information systems professionals. During the last 20 years, PCI has published vendor-specific magazines for the most influential companies that have led the revolution in computing technology. In 1994, PCI began a diversification effort into consumer magazine publishing when it launched Austin Home & Living. The consumer division also publishes specialty program guides for charity-supported Show House events in Austin, Houston and Dallas. Today, PCI provides a wide variety of integrated marketing services for its clients in the computer industry through its PCI Direct organization. These services include customized telemarketing programs and database rental for direct mail campaigns. PCI publications currently reach more than 200,000 readers in 150 countries each month.

Key Management Personnel

Gary Pittman, President and CEO, is the company’s founder. Mr. Pittman had a distinquished sales and sales management career at Burroughs Corporation prior to creating PCI. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northwestern University in Louisiana. Mr. Pittman also founded and managed a software company and a PC distributorship.

Bill Lifland is Vice President of Operations and Data Processing for PCI. Mr. Lifland, also from the Burroughs sales organization, has a degree from Baylor University. Prior to PCI he was the principal technology officer for Systems Marketing and Education, a software development and training organization.

Larry Storer is Vice President of Editorial Services for PCI. Mr. Storer holds a degree from Baylor University and a degree from Lamar University. He was a professor in the journalism department at Baylor University prior to joining PCI.