How To Complain

There is nothing wrong with legitimate complaints, but it is important to know how to direct these complaints in a constructive manner. Here are some simple rules to follow if you have any complaints about our contents:

  1. Know Your Goal

People who know what they want to achieve through complaining will have a much better chance of emerging from this situation with a positive outcome. If you feel that our content is against any rules either socially or governmentally, please state it clearly.  Do not make vague threats or complaints, because this makes it a lot harder for us to comply with your “demands.”

  1. Threaten Our Reputation

We are here to give you the most accurate and up-to-date news. Thus, we would appreciate if you can work along with us patiently.  We have a full-time team to handle each of your complaint at a reasonable time so you’ll be hearing from us within 24-48 hours.

  1. Aim High

We want our reader to grow with us so please submit your thoughts to our email, instead of spreading all negativity throughout social media and other platforms. We will work with you to resolve the case immediately and will contact the respective third-parties if needed.

  1. Write to Us

If you have a legitimate complaint regarding a company’s product, service or behavior, please write to them directly or email us if you need help in mediation. In most cases, if you are talking on the phone and making your complaint, a sales rep or customer service agent may simply promise they will look into the matter, but they will not do anything about your situation.


However, if you visit a company’s office or shop in person, they will have a much harder time getting rid of you. This will allow you to talk with a senior individual in person, which makes it a lot easier to make demands or talk about your specific situation.